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How WorldClimb Works

WorldClimb - A Definitive Directory for everything in the World to do with Climbing:

WorldClimb consists of indexed and categorised Websites.

Each Website listed has a corresponding Profile Page on WorldClimb that links through to it.

A Website is categorised according to what area of business it represents:

  • type of Equipment Manufacturer
  • type of Clothing Manufacturer
  • type of Service offered
  • type of Website (if it is purely a website and nothing else)
  • type of Publication
  • type of Event
  • type of Organisation

A Website is also listed according to which Countries the person or company refered to by the Website operate from or within.

Our WorldClimb directories enable You to find a Website according to it's Categories and Countries.

To find what You are looking for, simply use the directory listings which can be navigated from the buttons on the left-hand side of the screen.

The Profile Page for a Website will also have on it's left-hand side the Categories and Countries under which the Website is listed.

WorldClimb also lists all Websites within our extensive A-Z.

The Owners of Websites have the option to purchase the ability to edit the contents of their own Profile Page on WorldClimb.