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Extremely Patagonia

Mountaineering Life

Mountaineering takes life and distills it to its most simple. I remember reading a quote from Lydia Brady, the first woman to climb Everest without oxygen. She said that she loves mountaineering for its intensity, sometimes intensely boring, sometimes intensely challenging, and sometimes intensely rewarding. That quote has always stuck with me; and even when I’m cold, tired and hungry, I treasure the feeling of really being alive and having no feeling of ambivalence about what I’m doing.

Every expedition pushes me; there are long days, extreme weather conditions, heavy backpacks, and the constant push to keep going. But digging down and overcoming these challenges brings tremendous satisfaction and pride. And it’s this mental fortitude to keep pushing yourself that allows you to accomplish your goals and experience those incredible, indescribable moments.

In addition to tenacity, mountaineers know the importance of developing strong technical skills and learning to thrive when facing the unexpected. Figuring out a new route on a peak, managing a group in difficult terrain; these things keep the mountains interesting, keep me on my toes. I love the problems solving side of mountaineering. There is always something new to think about everyday.

At times it was hard, very hard... But the expedition, while pushing each of us to the edge, was nothing but a positive, amazing experience.

Mountaineering will challenge you in a thousand ways. You have to know a lot: how to set anchors, how to read a map, how to look after your team-mates. You have to do a lot: carry a pack, haul a sled, dig out a snow camp. You have to persevere: keep walking, keep digging, keep struggling, keep smiling, keep going, never stop…

For those of you looking for life at its most intense, to challenge yourself and to learn to reach the summit, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the ultimate classroom.

The 21 Day Patagonia Trek

The Trekking Patagonia Expedition brings you the best of the remote Patagonian backcountry; ice climbing on an incredible glacier, trekking throug stunning alpine terrain , and climbing an incredible snowcapped peak. And Patagonia offers some of the most remote and challenging terrain on Earth. Away from trails, huts, and modern life, it's just you and the amazing wilderness that is Patagonia.

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The 42 Day Patagonia Mountaineering School

Challenge yourself on an expedition unlike any other. On the Patagonia Mountaineering School, you're not guided through the mountains; you learn to climb them yourself. From planning a route to crevasse rescue to climbing a peak, you will learn mountaineering in one of the most spectacular classrooms on Earth.

The 2 Year Mountain Guide School

The Patagonia Mountain Guide School is unique in the outdoor industry. The process of learning to be a leader and guide is multifaceted; aspirant guides must be technically competent and experienced in the mountains, and also need to develop and foster a range of skills associated with client management and group leadership. The two year Guide School is the first of its kind, providing you with real life opportunities to teach, lead, and work with clients directly, throughout your training. Upon successful completion, you will be a fully qualified and certified Wilderness Education Association Mountaineering Instructor Guide, a Wilderness First Responder, an Avalanche Safety Instructor, and a Leave No Trace Trainer. And more than just earning qualificaitons, your guide training program will be complemented by significant amounts of ‘face time’ with clients and will consciously focus on the development of leadership and instruction skills. Armed with this well-rounded resume of skills and real life experience, you will prepared for a lifetime in the mountains.

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