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Bear Mountaineering

Ski and summer mountaineering in British Columbia's wild northern Coast Mountains

Solitude. Large glaciers. No crowds. Ancient mountain forests. No one else around. Blue icefalls. Not a person in sight. Jagged peaks. No road within 20 km. Deep snow. An area protected forever. An experienced UIAGM Mountain Guide. New lines everywhere. A beautiful timber frame chalet with solar electricity. Ancient native myths. Wonderful food. Deep powder. Sparkling skies. This is mountaineering in the untouched northern Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

A beautiful lodge deep in the wilds of Tazdli Wiyez Bin

Ski mountaineering in British Columbia's remote Howson Range used to be the domain of hard men who thought nothing of crawling out of an ice-encrusted tent to fire up a gas stove in the morning. We still do that, but have an alternative: A chalet built from local timbers, heated with local wood, and lit by solar power. Simple yet solid and comfortable, the lodge sports a cedar lined sauna, warm duvets and a three stall composting outhouse.

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Ski mountaineering as you dream of it

Sure, we all want to ski the Haute Route or Rogers Pass (and your guide knows all those places well). But how about fresh tracks each and every day? How about deep, reliable snow? How about the thrill of skiing mountains that few have seen and fewer skied in? How about knowing that no one else is in the entire mountain range? Here you get to ski as skiing was meant to: a dance in the most improbable wilderness.

Alpine climbing

Yes there are great classical lines in the Howson Range: the North Ridge with its great exposure, the SE ridge over its many points, the North Faces of the Mitre, the ridges and faces of Kitnayakwa Peak. It's just that no one knows them as many have fewer ascents than you can count on the fingers of one hand.

Mountaineering in the wilds of the Saint Elias Mountains

The Saint Elias Mountains are the mountaineering world's best kept secret. Vast, remote and very high, they rise out of the stormy waters of the Gulf of Alaska in the corner where Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territory meet. Mount Logan, Canada's highest peak at 5959 m, dominates the range, but there are numerous other great peaks: Mt Steele, Mt Walsh, Mt Vancouver, Mt Augusta, and might Mt St Elias too. We offer ski expeditions into those ranges.

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