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P.O. Box 93

Talkeetna AK 99676

Tel: USA 907-733-2566


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Denali Trekking Company

Alaska Hiking Adventures

Denali Trekking is an industry leader in offering wilderness hiking and backpacking trips in Alaska. This year we celebrate our 25th year in business and we have some extraordinary trip offerings. Talkeetna and the surrounding wilderness has been our home since the seventies. We work out of our home. We treat our guests as our friends and made great friends and shared some very wild times in the mountains. It is awesome!
You guys are awesome! We are going to have an incredible summer in 2009.
Come and join us on an unforgettable walk through the wilderness.

Odyssey Trek Seven Days

This trip starts off with a bushplane flight into a high alpine lake off the western bulwark of the Talkeetna Massif. Grizzly bear, Dall sheep, black bear, wolverine and wolf have all been spotted and observed in this area. Golden eagles soar overhead while long-tailed jaegers hover-hunt silently over the tundra seeking their prey. Caribou are silhouetted feeding along a ridge 1500 feet above you and a mile away. A marmots shrill whistle lets every being with ears know he’s being disturbed.
This is the country we traverse, pure Alaskan wilderness.
Intoxicating, challenging, magnificent, surprising, are adjectives used by our guests in their post trip reports.
Email for a reference list and more information. Our response time is excellent.

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