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Aylesbury Climbing Club

About Aylesbury Climbing Club

The Aylesbury Climbing Club is a friendly group of people who enjoy all aspects of climbing, walking and mountaineering. Experienced mountaineers and beginners will be made very welcome at all of our events.
The club has an active membership with organised meets taking place every month at huts all over the UK. Have a look at the meets list on our website ( to see where the meets are going to be in the coming months.
Club members are also active on many weekends of the year with trips to areas such as the Peak District and Wye Valley.
All activities tend to be organised at our weekly get-together, which takes place every Monday from 9.15pm at the Broad Leys pub near the centre of Aylesbury.


Membership of the club is open to all over 18's with an interest in climbing and mountaineering.

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