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Climbers' Club - CC (UK)

UK Climbing Club - Established in 1898

The Climbers' Club was founded in 1898 and is a UK national club, which aims to encourage climbing and to promote the interests of mountaineers and the mountain environment.


The CC produces guidebooks to climbing areas in the South of England and Wales. Recent publications and downloadable interim guides include:
• Llanberis Guidebook
• Forest of Dean Guidebook
• Lower Wye Valley Guidebook
• Southern Sandstone Guidebook
• Knight Templar Rocks - Supplement to 2008 Lundy Guidebook
• Pen Llyn Supplement to 2002 Lleyn Guidebook
• Pembroke Bouldering Guide UPDATED V2.04
• Pembroke - Range West Guide UPDATED V3.63

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The Climbers' Club owns 8 huts around the UK (3 Snowdonia, Scotland, Peak District, Pembroke, Lake District and West Cornwall- North Coast). These are for the use of members, kindred clubs and guests. Some are available at agreed times to outside bodies for climbing trips - see web site for details. As is normal in the UK these huts are self-catering with no resident guardians.


The Climbers' Club holds regular meets within the UK and other mountain areas. Special meetings are held for Aspirant members.

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