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British Mountain Guides

Siabod Cottage, Capel Curig, Conwy LL24 0ES North Wales


00441690 720386


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British Mountain Guides

Who are the British Mountain Guides

British Mountain Guides (BMG), are the British national association that:

* Trains and assesses guides in all forms of climbing, mountaineering and ski mountaineering.
* Sets professional standards for services offered by BMG members.
* Promotes safety, enjoyment, and good practice in climbing and mountaineering.

BMG is a member of the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA), which is the body that coordinates the standards and mutual recognition of the twenty-six national mountain guide associations. A British Mountain Guide is an IFMGA Guide, which put simply, means an internationally qualified guide with the knowledge and skills to lead parties in the world’s most challenging mountain environments.

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