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It’s 1982 and MTV, stone washed jeans, movies like Bladerunner, Diner, and Ghandi rule. Mike Graham, inspired by his love for climbing and surfing launches Gramicci from his garage in Southern California. The legendary garment dyed, worn and weathered G- pant and short become the “must have” Gramicci icon designs. Like the timeless Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Doors or Jimi Hendrix, there is a passionate, cult like following of Gramicci Heads, who covet the distinct, relaxed “Live Free, Love Nature, Never The Norm” look and feel of Gramicci clothes. Now, a new Gramicci generation has evolved who connect with the brand's mantra of equal parts science and soul. Renowned for inventive fabrics and finishes, artful expressionism, and highly functional design, Gramicci is creating clothes for the sport of living. Millions of nature crazed, rock and roll, “live life to the max”, independent thinking people all over the world are now Gramicci zealots. Nature is an ongoing act of punch drunk optimism. Science tries to understand it. Religion tries to explain it. All we’re ever going to know for sure is that it's true. We know because we've seen it with our own eyes and as a result we are optimistic too. If that makes us naive so be it. If ours is a philosophy of shared beers and bonfires, so be it.

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