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Wendells Mountain Skills Scotland

Winter skills Courses

Skills covered are walking safely on snow, step cutting, self arrest and the use of crampons. If you are looking for further training you can take our mountaineering course where we will introduce you to movement on steep snow. You will learn new skills such as using the rope and associated knots. You will be taught different types of winter anchors that are used in conjunction with the rope work and belays when moving on steep ground.

Navigation Courses

We teach land navigation from very basic map reading to winter mountain navigation. Please contact us to establish your level of navigation.

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Survival Courses & Expeditions

Learn mountain survival techniques or take an expedtion with us. You may even spend a night in a snow shelter!

Ridge Walks & Scrambles

See the mountains from a different angle by doing a ridge walk or take that extra step and do a scramble course with us.

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