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Mountain Sports and Activity Travel Insurance

Snowcard have been insuring winter and mountain sports since 1990 and are one of the UK's leading specialists in activity travel insurance.

Medical and Rescue - world wide insurance

Snowcard policies are specially designed with the needs of adventure travellers in mind. Flexible cover options and high limits of cover ensure you have the very best when you head to the mountains.

Single trip and Annual multi trip policies

Whether you climb, trek, ski, board, kayak, MTB, scuba or sail, Snowcard can insure you on either a single journey basis or for a year to cover several holidays. If you have general travel insurance already, you can elect to just insure your medical and rescue expenses. However, full travel policies are available including your equipment and travel needs.

Insure with the best - carry your 'Snowcard' in your kit bag and have access to 24 hour assistance from anywhere in the world. From heli rescue to air ambulance back home to the UK, Snowcard covers emergency medical and repatriation upto £10 million

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