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RC Training Wales

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RCTrainingWales provides practical training in vital outdoor skills - for Professionals, Leaders or Perfectionist Walkers who lead groups in Wild Country and lowland areas.

We also produce specialised training courses for military, rescue and police units in Wild Country Areas

Wilderness Emergency Aid training

Outdoor First Aid Training - We are approved providers for WERS - (Wild Country Emergency Response) Outdoor First Aid training courses - where the emphasis is to produce leaders who can deal efficiently with delayed care emergency situations.

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Gold Training

All aspects of training for a successful and fulfilling expedition experience - Including Final Expedition Provision and planning - UK and abroad...

HSE FAW First Aid Training

HSE 4-day - First Aider Course

HSE 2- day - Refresher,

Emergency Aid for Appointed Persons

4 & 2 - Hour Emergency Aid

Defibrillator Training - 4 - Hour

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