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Mark Lewis Mountaineering


Climb some of the worlds most exciting mountains - everything for Novice right up to Extreme Expeds and a percentage of the costs goes to Charity!

Ice Climbing

Introduce yourself to the skills required to climb Ice runnels, Ice falls and mixed routes. Using purely MIC's or UIAGM qualified personnel.

School & Youth Courses

These courses are customised to suit your needs.
The courses are multi-activity or activity specific i.e. you can choose the activities that you want to do. Minimum of 8 participants.

Team Building

Specifically aimed at teams who work in high pressured environments where the closeness and communication of the team needs to be second to none. We will pressurize the team and put them in to situations where they have to work together in order to achieve. This creates a bonding and a trust between team members that undoubtedly will benefit in the workplace.

Mountain Courses

Our courses are available all year at dates to suit you. We utilize Snowdonia, Lake District and Scottish Highlands to get you out into the great British Mountains. Courses are designed for 1:1 or small groups.

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