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Climb High

ClimbHigh UK - Independant supplier to the outdoor trade

ClimbHigh UK is a specialist wholesale supplier of rock climbing and mountaineering accessories and clothing for outdoor retailers, public sector organisations and recognised outdoor professionals.

European brands with heritage

Authorised UK distributors for: Barigo altimeters compasses and watches, Cassin alpine hardware and apparel, Garra rock climbing shoes, Gronell mountaineering and walking boots, Mund technical sock, Roca climbing and indistrial ropes, Rock Empire climbing hardware and harnesses & Thommen specialist altimeters.

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Modern approach to retail

Established on 2003, we understand your need for reliable, fast and accurate order fulfillment with world-class products and support. We therfore offer a range of fullfilment services to suit traditional and modern retail operations.

We import and distribute high quality products from well respected brands with proven mountaineering heritage that consumers will want to own and professionals and enthusiasts can entrust their lives to in safety.

Environmentally Concious

Last but most definitely not least - we feel very strongly that operating our business should be friendly to the environment we love as much as our customers do. Wherever practical we source from European factories which use ethical workforces, we recycle packaging materials and keep road and air journeys for all our freight to the minimum.

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