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Cave and Crag - Online

Cave & Crag is a friendly, family run business. We have been suppliers of quality outdoor pursuits equipment since 1973, and the current owners, Alan & Barbara Suttie have been in charge since 1980.

You can't do better than buy from us!

The shop is situated in Settle’s historic market place. All the members of the family and staff are actively involved in the outdoors, and between us we have a huge range of experience from climbing in the high Alps to rambling in the Dales.

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Open Saturday 9am – 5pm, Sunday to Friday - 10am - 5pm

Since we became owners in 1980 we have built upon the firm foundations originally laid down, and expanded steadily, so that we now have a sound business with a large and growing number of loyal and satisfied customers who come back to us time and time again because they know that at Cave & Crag they will find a great selection of stock, and the necessary expertise to advise on all aspects of equipment for the great outdoors.

At Cave & Crag, we take a pride in what we do.

Our policy has and always will be to offer a wide and varied range of practical outdoor clothing and equipment at competitive prices, and to provide a great quality of service based on experience and product knowledge.

If you want a great choice of gear and great service, pay us a visit.

We carry a wide range of outdoor gear to suit all pockets, and are particularly proud of our comprehensive selection of footwear, and our ability to provide a fitting service that is second to none.

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