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Explore the world with Cicerone

Cicerone are publishers of over 250 award-winning guidebooks for walking, trekking, climbing and mountaineering, cycle touring and hill and mountain skills. We provide inspiration, and excellent information for you to enjoy your next adventure!

Everything that we do is aimed at helping you have a great time on the hill. We specialise in the outdoors. We have six guides to the Himalayas, we cover all the National Trails of Britain (except the Pennine Bridleway), have over thirty guides to Scotland, and the most comprehensive range of titles to the Alps available in the English language.

Cicerone guides are written by outdoor people, for outdoor people. We work closely with our users and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as authors and specialist outdoor organisations, to select and publish the guides people want and need, covering both popular and new and exciting areas. We’re a dedicated and enthusiastic team, and we’re passionate about providing the very best guidebooks for our users. Whether you are looking for inspiration for short walks or a mountain adventure, our aim is to inspire and inform you, to reveal additional knowledge which will transform your experience and allow you to make choices and sound decisions.

Cicerone began around forty years ago by publishing a guidebook to some of the best climbs in the Lake District. Over the years the list of titles has grown, every one of them written by an expert in his or her field. The result is that every book packed with reliable, detailed information, helping to inspire and give guidance, and to take you to the wilder corners of the world.

We not only publish guidebooks for popular destinations and routes, but also many which help you explore some lesser-known places such as the Harz Mountains in northern Germany, the beautiful Cordillera Cantabrica of Spain, the Ala Dag in Turkey, or closer to home, the Lowther Hills in southern Scotland. All of them fabulous walking areas, and with the benefit of very few other people about!

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