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Aventuras Patagonicas

Aconcagua Expeditions


Our Ameghino Valley and Upper Guanacos traverse route, with porter availability, is presently the BEST route on the mountain. Our long-time favorite route on Aconcagua, the Guanacos Valley route, is presently closed (the lower part of the route) to expedition access. We will be using our Ameghino route to approach Aconcagua while this closure is in effect. Our Ameghino/Upper Guanacos traverse expedition uses part of a previously established route (a.ka. Relinchos Valley ), named after the striking Ameghino Peak, (19,530’), which surrounds the route. This route joins up with the upper section of our Guanacos route. Our Ameghino route is cleaner and less climbed than the over popular Normal Route of Aconcagua. This route, just as our Guanacos Valley route, has a higher success rate due to a longer approach (than the Normal Route) allowing more time for acclimatization. The Ameghino route is non-technical, and porters are readily available, if needed, at Base Camp – Plaza Argentina, for carries to the higher camps, and for the descent.

Aventuras Patagonicas


International Expeditions and Climbing Guide Service

Aventuras Patagonicas is an international climbing guide service based on over 28 years of professional guiding service on high altitude mountaineering expeditions world-wide.

We are very proud to be guiding in the world's most spectacular mountain ranges of Alaska, Antarctica, Europe, Patagonia and South America. Today, Aventuras Patagonicas is synonymous with success and professionalism on Aconcagua, guiding more Americans and Europeans to the top of Aconcagua than any other guiding company.

We are a small and dynamic guiding company with unique regional knowledge and very high guiding standards. Our dedicated and professional guides are carefully chosen and give special attention to details to offer you a remarkable and safe expedition experience.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful mountain experience with you!

Rodrigo Mujica
AP Director

Bolivia Climbing


Pequeno Alpamayo - 17,618'
Our Mountaineering expedition to Pequeno Alpamayo (17,618 feet), Huayana Potosi (19,974 feet) and Illimani (20,201 feet), will confirm that some of the most dramatic alpine peaks in the Western hemisphere lie in Bolivia. We start our trip in La Paz, Bolivia where we spend a few days to begin our acclimatization process.

We then head to Pequeno Aplamayo in the beautiful Condoriri Valley. Pequeno Alpamayo is a fun non-technical glacier climb and a great place to get well acclimatized for our next objective, Huayana Potosi.

We take a dramatic 4x4 drive accross the majestic Cordillera Real to the foothills of Huayana Potosi. The climbing includes is mostly moderate snow climbing to the top.

After our descent to Base camp, we head for La Paz, and a meal and a bath. Our final goal will be Illimani, the highest peak in Bolivia. We drive southeast toward the Cordillera Real, where we meat llamas to take our gear to Base Camp. The summmit ridge of Illimani offers spectacular views of the Andes.

Elbrus- 7 summits


One of the seven summits having the distinction of being the highest point of the European Continent located in the heart of the Caucasus, Mount Elbrus, at 18,510', is not only a great climb, but also a cultural experience.

We meet in the fascinating city of Moscow, to begin this expedition. There we will visit the Kremlin, Red Square, and more, as we stroll along the banks of the Moscow River. Then we head to the Caucasus Mountains. Enroute, we will have the chance to appreciate the local culture and countryside.

We have designed this program with several days built in for acclimatization. We believe it is the best way to accomplish, in good style, Elbrus's long & strenuous summit day. Once we are well acclimatized, after several days, we move to our high camp. An alpine start for the summit, fun, classic snow climbing will take us to Elbrus's western summit, which is the highest of the two peaks. From the summit plateau of this double-coned volcano, the views are truly amazing.

Elbrus, although a non-technical climb, is a serious high altitude climb. You need to be comfortable climbing 4-8 hours per day. Summit day is a long strenuous day, where we climb approximately 5,000', which involves about 8 hours for the ascent, and 4-6 hours for the descent. You should ideally be familiar with the use of crampons and ice axe, and have glacier travel experience. High winds and cold temperatures at high altitude are to be expected, as on any big mountain.

After the climb, we return to Moscow, our departure point for the trip home.

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