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LANEX a.s. - TENDON ropes

TENDON - leading european brand of climbing ropes and equipment

Product groups TENDON

The absolute top of the line of our assortment – extremely light ropes with a small diameter and low weight, intended for daily use on artificial climbing walls, for the toughest sports climbing and for extreme ascents in the mountains. The latest technologies and experience of our development team were used by our development team for their production, so all of the ropes in the Master category come standard equipped with the TeROM electronic system. TEFLON® is used for impregnating the sheath and/or the core of the rope using the revolutionary TENDON NANOTECHNOLOGY method. Selected ropes are then equipped with SBS or Bicolour sheath construction. We have made MASTER ropes for all extreme climbers and demanding users.

The most popular ropes in our assortment. Outstanding technical parameters, excellent handling and versatility predispose these ropes for frequent use for rock climbing and mountain climbing. Naturally, there is also a version designed for use on artificial climbing walls. Applying TEFLON® using the revolutionary TENDON NANOTECHNOLOGY Metod makes the absolute top-of-the-line impregnated ropes. Selected models of ropes are equipped with SBS or Bicolour sheath construction, which increases the utility of the product. AMBITION ropes are intended for all climbers who want to keep getting better and who enjoy climbing.

These are the most durable ropes in our collection. Their outstanding durability, long service life and high number of falls are properties making these the ideal ropes for use in rope climbing centers, mountain climbing schools, and schools for special climbing and rescue training. TEFLON® is used for impregnating the sheath and/or the core, and is applied using the revolutionary TENDON NANOTECHNOLOGY method. TRUST ropes are intended for total Professional who demand maximum safety and service life.

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The FORCE rope

The Force rope represents a new approach in the application of a combination of materials and the rope construction itself. It is a rope with patented technology which offers new possibilities of use in extremely severe conditions thanks to its increased resistance to cutting. The Force rope is therefore intended for special use – for protection of persons working at height or over free depth, for rope access techniques used in rescue and evacuation of people, and in all places where the rope could suffer damage from sharp objects or sharp edges. Under conditions that are very dangerous (e.g., rescue of persons trapped in buried spaces), a rope used for this purpose is required to protect both the rescuer and the person being rescue to the highest degree. Under such conditions of rescue operations, there is a strong possibility that the space around the rope and the space there the person to be rescued is trapped contain sharp objects, edges or debris. Standard ropes have a very low resistance to cutting under load, therefore such rescue operations are always very hazardous. The new type of rope with special steel intersheat provides for a very high safety even in such cases. The special steel intersheat protects the rope core against cutting also when the protective sheath is damaged. This new category of ropes is intended especially for rescuers, firemen, policimen and other special forces. The Force rope was tested in practice under
severe conditions during field exercices of special forces of the POLICE of the Czech Republic and units of the Czech Integrated Rescue Systém at České Budějovice. The responses were very positive – good performance of the rope in pulleys and belay devices, easy handling, resistence of the rope construction to cutting. Specific characteristics of the Force rope are confirmed by a certificate which was issued by the Austrian test institution TÜV early this year.

Harneses TENDON

Harnesses designed with an emphasis on maximising use on an srtificial walls and on the rocks as well as on the mountains. Low weight, high level of comfort and simple adjustment via the quick-clip fitted in the waist are characteristic - harnesses will became your favorite choice for all climbs.

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