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Fleece/Softshell Jackets
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Montane Philosophy

Montane® is a company owned and run by people with a passion for outdoor performance sports which challenge and inspire.

Montane® clothing has become the first choice for a huge number of adventure racing teams, polar explorers, mountain rescue volunteers, ultra-distance athletes, outdoor professionals, and active amateur sportspeople the world over since our humble beginnings in 1993.

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You can go further, faster, longer, when you build a clothing system using Montane®.


By reducing the weight and pack size of all Montane® clothing to the lowest achievable levels, the outdoor experience is enhanced. Less energy is wasted carrying your clothing and more space is available for other essential items like food and equipment.

...and Breathable

In all active-use outdoor situations the essential requirement of outdoor clothing is to prevent the weather entering your clothing system and at the same time allow your sweat and excess body heat to easily escape.

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