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Explorers Tech - Web Technology for Expeditions

Complete expedition communications solutions

Complete expedition communications solutions that include Satellite Phones, Websites, expedition software, handheld computers and all the technology to connect it all together, for adventurers, expeditions and explorers.

Expedition Technology

Whether you are climbing in the Himalaya, Motorcycling across the Sahara desert or kayaking down the Yukon river, you will be exited about you expedition and you will want to tell the world about it.

You will also want to let them know how you are getting on, and With today’s web technology you can.

We provide web hosting that comes complete with a website pre-installed for you, utilising the best web and blogging applications available.

We supply PDA’s (mini pocket PC’s) complete with all the software that is required to update your website in real time with blogs, journals and pictures from anywhere in the world when connected to a satellite phone.

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Satellite phones

We supply satellite phones set up for you either on a rental basis or you can purchase satellite phones and airtime from us. We supply Iridium 9555, Iridium 9595A with data kits and Thuraya SG-2520 and SO-2510. We can supply all phones with pre-paid SIM cards or post paid contracts.

Complete expedition packages

ExplorersTech have assembled the ultimate expedition communications packages that will keep you connected whatever expedition you are undertaking, where ever in the world you are going. This is the perfect solution for complete light weight communications set up for expeditions to the Arctic, Antarctica or seven summits expeditions giving true global coverage. Or choose The Thuraya package that is perfect for mountaineering or trekking in the himilaya.

The package is built around the Iridium 9505A or Thuraya SG-2520 satellite phone with its true global coverage, you will always be in contact by phone and when you connect to the HP iPAQ you will always be able to send your web site despatches, send and receive email.

The package includes a power system to keep your satellite phone, PDA, GPS or your iPOD charged and ready for use, It includes the ultimate solar power charger, a battery compartment that will takes the 8 L91 AA Lithium Batteries or the Rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries that are included in the kit This ultimate power solution gives you the power you need in any situation.

The package also includes the full web package with a website complete with server subscription for a year, a Domain name, expedition email and Full technical support. The software installed on the iPAQ 214 will be setup ready to send despatches to your web site.

The package Includes
• Iridium 9505A or Thuraya SG-2520 satellite phone
• prepaid airtime SIM 200 minutes
• HP iPAQ 214 expedition PDA installed with expedition software to update your web site
• Power cable
• Iriduim data kit and CF serial card
• Installed with free software to update your web site
• Complete web package that includes
• Web site installed
• Server hosting
• Expedition email
• Power system to cover all your expedition needs
• Solar power charging system
• Rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries
• Battery compartment
• Energizer L91 AA Lithium Batteries
• SD 2 Gig back up data card
• All packed in a pelican expedition case
• Full technical support 24/7

Complete Expedition Web Site Package

Every ExplorersTech web package comes complete with a wordpress website installed for you, it also comes complete with a domain name of your choice registered for you or your expedition.
It comes complete with as much help and advice you need when getting your web site ready.
ExplorersTech is run by experienced explorers and adventures who have many years experience of expeditions to the worlds remotest places, such as the Arctic, the Sahara and the remote mountains of the world.
We are IT professionals with a wealth of experience in mobile and web technologies, we go the extra mile for you as we understand your needs and what the technology we supply needs to do for you.

Fee domain name such as
Wordpress web site installed and set up ready for you.
You can have up to 3 domains hosted on one package and up to 30 sub domains.
You get email for your expedition with up to 100 email accounts.
You get Cpanel, that is an easy to use control panel for your web site, where you can manage files, email account and create sub domains.
Ample disc space and band width is included in the ‘Explorer’ package and will be more than enough for almost all web sites, if you want or need more space or band width we offer the larger ‘Explorer plus’ package.
Our support is second to none, if you have any problems or questions we are here to help.
Expedition service: we constantly monitor your site while you are away on expedition to ensure that you site stays online with no problems. We ensure that you can always send and receive emails, and that you can always send posts to update your web site.
ExplorersTech is run by explorers and adventurers that understand the unique requirements of the IT technology and kit that is required by expeditions and explorers.

Explorers Tech - Web Technology for Expeditions Image 3
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