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Rock Climbing School

Rock Climbing School

Rock Climbing School is based in Burlington / Oakville Ontario and is a Canadian climbing wall design and build company. RCS, formerly known as Fresh Water Projects, has evolved from climbing instructions and outdoor adventure rock climbing excursions to a high-end, rock climbing wall builder and rock climbing instructing. We still offer outdoor climbing excursions but now we offer you the opportunity to have your very own climbing wall at your home or cottage with prices as low as $500.

For those big projects such as school and climbing gyms walls, RCS can provide training, equipment, routesetting services, and excellent consulting to handle your business and personal rock climbing needs.

For the 2009 climbing season RCS is introducing our new 20' long 16' high portable climbing wall. This wall is for everyone to use and enjoy and can be rented for all occasions.

"We Build It, You Climb It."

Design / Build

Rock Climbing School has an extensive background in construction and rock climbing, making your decision to choose RCS to build your rock climbing wall an excellent one. RCS will work with you to determine what type of climbing wall best suits your needs and your backyard, basement, cottage, workplace, facility, and most importantly your vision and budget.

Most people think of rock climbing as an extreme sport with rope and a bunch of technical gear that you may not want to deal with. This is true in some cases, but many of the walls offered by RCS are small climbing walls or little mountains kids can climb on without using rope. This type of climbing is called bouldering or traversing. RCS will provide you with a full set of drawings, so you can visualize what your wall will look like before it is built and to ensure you are completely satisfied with your investment.

We take pride in our work and we make sure your house, cottage or place of business is in the same condition as when we started the construction. Our walls meet the standards of the Ontario Building code and the CWA. We stand by our product.

Check out our Climb-On Surface colours & textures, extremely durable indoor and outdoor and changes the look of any wall into a new and improved climbing area.

Please contact RCS for more details. 416-268-8991

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Portable Wall

RCS has built a portable rock climbing wall called the "Transformer" for everyone to enjoy. It is great for birthdays, town fairs, girl guides, boyscouts and the list goes on. Whatever your event, we deliver the wall to you.

Our climbing wall has six climbing stations and a real rock like texture. It is 512sqft of climbing surface, 16ft high and can be setup indoor or outdoor. It is equipped with some of the best climbing holds in the industry. The wall comes with all the safety equipment necessary: rope, holds, harnesses, belay devises and lots more. RCS has engineered our climbing wall so it can be set up on any surface regardless of how flat it is. Our climbing wall meets the Climbing Wall Association engineering standards, the Ontario Building Code, and is certified by a Canadian structural engineer.

One of the best places to have a climbing wall is in the backyard for that awesome summer party. Why not enjoy something different this summer and host your very own outdoor climbing event! The Transformer is guaranteed to make everyone active.

See for rental cost and more details

Outdoor rock climbing

Have you ever wanted to try the real thing…real rock climbing! Now is your chance. Join RCS on the "real rock". A fully trained rock climbing guide will provide you with all the safety gear, equipment, lessons, water and snacks needed to make your weekday or weekend a rock'n good time.

If you know how to top rope rock climb why not try one of our climbing courses, technique is quite different outdoors. Contact RCS for availability.

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