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Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up

What is Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up?

Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up consists of four events which raise awareness and funds to support children with AIDS. Families, individuals, teams, children, adults, women and men are all invited to participate in one or more of these events.

•CLIMB UP THE 50 - July 3-12, 2009
Climb, hike or run up the highest point in your state. This can be done anytime during the week of July 3-12, 2009.

•CLIMB UP KILIMANJARO - September 12-22, 2009
Join a team of climbers as they travel to Tanzania where they will climb up Mount Kilimanjaro while getting to see a bit of the African continent.

•CLIMB UP THE WORLD - September 19-20, 2009
Run, climb, hike or cycle wherever you happen to be—no geographical boundaries can stop you from helping children while doing something good for yourself.

•CLIMB UP IN CHARLOTTE - November 6-7, 2009
Music and food tasting will kick off a weekend of climbing clinics, yoga, massages and competition in Charlotte, NC.

Who benefits

Climb Up events support the work of the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA).

In response to inequities in the availability of anti-retroviral treatment (ART) and the growing number of children being orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa, AFCA has implemented a life-saving program to deliver free ARV medications and supplies to HIV+ children, their HIV+ caretakers and HIV+ pregnant women. Not only do we provide anti-retroviral medicine, but we provide medication to fight opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis, malaria, oral thrush, and AIDS-related cancers. Medical supplies and humanitarian relief are also delivered to the programs we support on an as-need basis.

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