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GrubPack - the Best in Steel Mesh Back Packing Food Stoarge

What is the GrubPack?

The GrubPack is the pinnacle in food supply protection for campers and backpackers. Three sizes to choose from. Made of the finest stainless steel mesh, the GrubPack is light-weight, flexible and tough. It's a must for backpackers entering areas where small animals and birds can't wait to pillage your food supply. The stainless steel mesh bag acts as a secure barrier between your food and the gnawing teeth and beaks of hungry critters.

Why choose GrubPack and not the others?

Details! Every element of this simple bag has been selected for a reason. From the stainless steel mesh, to the UV resistant thread, to the commercial brass grommet and the polyester Velcro. Every item has been selected for a reason... durability.

How is the GrubPack made?

The GrubPack is made in the heartland of the USA. Skilled professionals using heavy duty sewing machines and proven sewing techniques fabricate each bag.

Is the GrubPack difficult to use?

Not for humans! The polyester Velcro seal is simple to close and open. Animals find it to be very frustrating.

Where can I see the GrubPack?

Please visit our website and inform yourself on the best in backpacking food protection. Great customer service, with quick responses to your questions or comments. Made in the USA! Buy on-line NOW!

See the GrubPack at:
Ph: 563-513-7660 (USA)

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