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For Those Who Reach

Built for the love of a sport, a lifestyle, a different way of thinking. A tribute to all of those involved and an homage to all who paved the way. For anyone who thinks outside the box, strives for greatness and appreciates what they already have.

Who we be

Klime was formed by, built upon the support of, and continues to thrive thanks to the community in which it is set. We try to base many of our decisions - ranging from product choices and designs to advertising and event planning on direct feedback on those who surround us. We value each and every piece of feedback we receive and use it to better our company now and prepare for an exciting future. Through the combined efforts of many, we were able to take this idea of Klime and make it into a reality - and that is what we are all about - building something together through a team effort. It is our belief that each member on a team is the most important member, and that it is the combined efforts and support of all involved that mark the day as a successful one. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

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