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Beta Clothing Designs Inc

Who we are...

BETA = beyond everything tried already.


Beta is a climbing term that describes the information given to a climber to help them successfully climb a route. Beta helps climbers attain new heights and the concept inspired us to push past traditional views of what performance and fashion can mean to create a company and clothing that are beyond everything tried already.

performance fashion

by combining our inexhaustible passion for every bit of adventure the outdoors has to offer with our love for every ounce of urban culture, Beta fuses sunshine with neon, crag with concrete, street style with sport performance. Going beyond streetwear, beyond sportswear, Beta has bred a whole new beast that represents the evolution of functional urban apparel.

the ecology

single minded in our pursuit of changing sportswear, we refuse to cut corners: we’re committed to using only the highest quality fabrics and materials and proudly produce our clothing in a socially responsible environment, in Canada.

make no mistake, we don’t make eco-friendly clothes for their own sake. Eco-friendly is not a choice, it is simply the ground zero, the foundation we build on. It would be easier for us to make clothes without fabric than make them without a conscience. The bare minimum requirement for our clothes is at least do no harm. That said, we also strongly believe no one has ever uttered the statement: damn, those pants make her butt look sooo eco-friendly. Following your conscience should not be a sacrifice, it should be rewarded with some wicked threads.

not cashing in

whether your idea of exercise involves the cliff, the trail, the sidewalk or the studio, having a passion for a sport means sometimes having to choose very carefully how your money is spent and gear always wins out. Unlike other sportswear brands, Beta doesn’t want you to choose between your gear and your style.

we’re willing to sacrifice our bottom line to offer great clothes at a reasonable price because we’ve been there wearing that one awesome top or pair of funky shorts until it’s warn out because money and margins were tighter than a pair of bike shorts on an elephant. At Beta, we believe looking good and eating should never be mutually exclusive.

beyond the rest

in an industry defined by mass production and volume, we want to have the smallest footprint while making the greatest impact. The result of every small choice we make is reflected in the clothing we make, and in the people that choose our brand.

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