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Mountain Ventures Ltd trading as Walkabout Walking Holidays

22, Ty Du Road,

Llanberis, L55 4LH


01286 871313


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Walkabout Walking Holidays

The "WalkAbout" nomadic lifestyles of our primitive ancestors developed the genes which predispose us to benefit from active recreation as a powerful antidote to the pressures and hazards of modern living.

Spain in winter. England and Wales in spring and autumn. France in summer

In Wales we walk in the Snowdonia National Park which occupies much of North Wales and has the highest and most rugged mountains in the principality.

In England visit the "The Lake District" and walk the paths that Wordsworth walked.

In Spain our walks are in the coastal mountains of the Costa Blanca in Valencia.

In France you can join us in Chamonix and walk in the spectacular French Alps which includes Europe's highest mountain Mont Blanc.

These are all areas of unique character with superb walking country, easily accessible by road, rail and air. The chosen months are when the weather conditions are best for walking in the hills, and also avoid the busiest tourist seasons.

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WalkAbout offers the following special features:

  • Customized Group holidays for people of similar fitness and holiday interests.
  • Private Group Holidays specially designed for private groups of eight or more.
  • Good Quality Hotel Accommodation.
  • Walking Holidays offering a wide choice of possible activities.

Choice of possible activities.

  • Easy, Moderate, Hard Walks.
  • Adventure Walks and Challenge Walks.
  • Holiday courses on Navigation, Fitness, Power walking and Nordic Walking.
  • Opportunity to make ascents of the highest peaks in England, Wales and Europe.

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