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Adirondack Rock - A Rock Climber's Guide

Adirondack Rock is the comprehensive rock climbing guidebook to the Adirondack Park, written by Jim Lawyer and Jeremy Haas. The guidebook includes all technical rock climbing routes and boulder problems from all known crags and boulders located on public land within the boundary of the Adirondack Park in New York State.

Area Coverage

● 242 cliffs, many of which have never before been documented.
● 1,938 routes and variations—that's 1,122 new routes.
● 6 bouldering areas with 350 bouldering problems.

Adirondack Rock - A Rock Climber's Guide Image 1


● 672 pages, 2-color (black and red).
● 19-page full color gallery.
● Full route descriptions in an easy-to-read, comprehensive format.
● 59 aerial photos with route lines.
● 90 approach maps.
● 115 cliff topos.
● 168 action black-and-white photos.
● 24 drawings and paintings.
● 21 essays written by prominent Adirondack climbers.
● Forward by Don Mellor, French forward by Loïc Briand.
● Complete history of each cliff.
● 5-star system for rating routes.
● GPS coordinates of every cliff and parking area.

Book Details

● 5½ x 8½ x 1", 34oz.
● Printed on high-quality glossy paper.
● Super strong binding—PUR glued binding.
● English.
● ISBN-10: 0-9814702-0-3.
● ISBN-13: 978-0-9814702-0-7.

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