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North Wales - but courses can be run at any UK location

Nyth Yr Hebog
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Andy Sherriff Specialist First Aid Training

Specialist First Aid Training for Outdoor Sports enthusiasts and Instructors.

Mission Statement
"To provide appropriate First Aid training to persons operating in hazardous environments — enabling the 'Firstaider' to act with both competence and confidence — to save lives and relieve pain and distress."

For over 20 years, Andy's courses have remained at the forefront of First Aid Training for mountainous and remote environments ..... producing courses with a skills content that will be remembered in a time of crisis. His courses are internationally known for their qualities.


Andy specialises in aspects of practical First Aid / pre-hospital emergency care training not generally covered on 'voluntary services' or commercial courses.

Training includes elements — theory and practical — appropriate for urban or remote environments — whether the Firstaider be operating in the U.K. or abroad — where they are away from immediate aid, and often (out of necessity) supplementing the usual materials with improvisations.

Whilst each course runs from a foundation syllabus, every course is different — being related to the experience and requirements of those attending.

All too often in this age of almost immediate communication, we are used to believing that "Remote" applies to geographical distance. In fact, the term "Remote" relates more to time from medical care! Ambulance / rescue team response times are extremely variable, and often weather related!

Climbing - Trekking - Skiing - Caving - Paragliding
Rafting - Kayaking - Sailing - Mountain Biking - Horse Riding
Immediate Medical Care Courses for Instructors & Leaders

Remote environment courses for Instructors and Expedition Leaders / Members include appropriate elements of the HSE First Aid at Work syllabus and take into account illnesses and injuries sustained in wilderness / high mountain environments, or during Climbing, Kayaking, Skiing, Caving, Paragliding etc.

The first courses were developed in consultation with the (then) Mountain Leader Training Board. They rapidly gained recognition by other professional sports governing bodies, — including :-

Mountain Leader Training England, Wales & Scotland (Summer & Winter), WGL, BELA, SPA, IML, MIA, MIC, British Mountaineering Council, BMC Guides,
British Canoe Union & WCA,
British Association of Snow Instructors,
British Orienteering Federation,
Scottish Mountain Bike Leaders Award,
Duke of Edinburgh's Award,
Basic Expedition Award, etc.

First Aid for Mountaineers and Instructors™

This course is designed not just for Mountaineers ........ but to cover the requirements of a wide range of Outdoor Activity Instructors ........ leading to the award of a recognised qualification.

The emphasis of training is towards the delegate gaining the necessary First Aid skills for both remote environment and urban emergencies. Content includes:- Resuscitation, Infection avoidance, Spinal Management, Hypothermia & Heatstroke, Wound, Burn & Fracture Management, Shock Management, Environmental Illnesses, First Aid Kit items etc.

Strong attention is paid to the application of competent care — using standard First Aid materials and improvisations.

Whilst the course was originally produced for mountaineers, the content makes it highly appropriate for watersports, paragliding, mountain biking, caving and skiing etc.

Recognised by Mountain Leader Boards, and for WGL, BELA, SPA, IML, MIA, MIC, BMC, BCU, BOF, BASI, RYA, SMBLA etc.

Approx. 16 hrs. of training (2 Consecutive Days)

Continuous assessment

Certificated — lasts for 3 years

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Advanced Immediate Care™

Course Aims:-

Enhancement of existing knowledge — familiarization with new land & waterbased procedures of trauma care for the remote environment — 'PRACTICAL IMMEDIATE CARE'.

This is a course for experienced Outdoors-people, Instructors and First Aiders.

The syllabus is an enhancement to the First Aid for Mountaineers & Instructors course (or similar courses and is appropriate for Instructors and leaders working in the U.K. — or planning small expeditions abroad.

Aspects covered include:-

Advanced airway management [Module #1] (including the use of devices that may be used in the 'field') — Resuscitation (land and waterbased issues) — Spinal immobilization — Wound care & splintage — Transportation & evacuation.

The night exercise (Saturday) involves working in mountainous surroundings. Delegates are advised to wear their older clothing!

Recognised by Mountain Leader Boards, and for WGL, BELA, SPA, IML, MIA, MIC, BMC, BCU, BOF, BASI, RYA, SMBLA etc.

Approx. 22 hrs. of training (2 Consecutive Days + 1 Night Exercise)

Continuous assessment

Certificated — lasts for 3 years

Expedition Medical Care™

Course Aims:- To provide expedition members and leaders with appropriate knowledge and skills enabling them to give both immediate medical care and extended patient support to an injured or ill party member. Training is designed for the group or expedition operating in truly remote locations.

Training covers both hard and soft skills and personal preparedness. The course is inappropriate for the novice and persons with just First Aid at Work Certificates.

Delegates are encouraged to operate throughout as if they were in real situations — by operating in their 'working' clothing — and acting with sensitivity and compassion.

The areas covered during training include advancements on the Advanced syllabus, including — Resuscitation and fluid replacement — Advanced airway management [Module #2] — Illnesses - bites - venoms - medications — Extended casualty care, transportation and evacuation.

Guidance on appropriate items for an Expedition First Aid kit is also provided.

Recognised (and exceeds requirements!) for Mountain Leader Boards, and for WGL, BELA, SPA, IML, MIA, MIC, BMC, BCU, BOF, BASI, RYA, SMBLA etc.

Recommended by the Royal Geographical Society — London

Approx. 22 hrs. of training (2 Consecutive Days + 1 Night Exercise)

Other Courses include ....

Aquatic First Aid
Equestrian First Aid
HSE First Aid at Work (1-4 Days duration)
Ballistic Injury First Aid
First Aid for Historical Re-enactors.

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