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Climb Newcastle

Shipley Place, Byker, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE6 2DQ




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Climb Newcastle

Centre Information

Climb Newcastle is an indoor climbing centre dedicated to bouldering in Byker, close to Newcastle City Centre.

The Climb Newcastle team have brought together a wealth of experience to create a world class facility for the enjoyment of climbing and a comprehensive coaching structure overlooked by former World Cup winner Andy Earl.

Opening Hours

Weekdays 12pm-10pm; Weekends 9am-8pm

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Coaching Info

Beginner courses, coaching academy for all levels, specialist coaching from Britain's finest coaches, one to ones, assessment, rehabilitation.


Main arena with over 6000 square foot of climbing surface. Seperate kids and coaching room. Cellar cave area for harcore climbers. Training room with campus board, finger boards, gym and swiss balls. Changing rooms, coffee lounge and shop.

Kids Activities

Kids coaching and supervised sessions from age 3 up. Birthday parties and group sessions can be arranged by contacting the centre.

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