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222, Oswald Road,

Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester, M21 9GW


0161 881 2918 (Mobile - 077 52 53 59 68)


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Mingulay Web Design

Why Mingulay Web Design?

We are a small Web Design company based in Chorlton, South Manchester. We have 10 years experience of Web Design. We can build you a website to suit your business requirements. We can provide extensive re-design for existing websites. We build websites big or small, from a few simple pages for a local business to large scale database driven sites and online shopping solutions.

Our simple no-nonsense approach delivers our customers the website that they need to serve and compliment their business.

Mingulay Web Design offers you the following special features:

  • You can always speak to us directly.
  • We are available on the phone or email all day up to 8pm to offer immediate help and advice.
  • We offer free quotations for all forms of web design work.
  • We give you realistic business options/solutions based on 10 years experience.

Web Design Services

  • Our website design service is unique in its simplicity for the customer.
  • We minimise the time and effort required from the customer, in order to rapidly deliver them the website that they require.
  • We are very competitive on both price and delivery time.
  • Our service is based upon a tried and tested approach that enables us to quickly establish the customer requirements.

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