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Landscape Guides

We Buy & Sell Guide Books for Snowdonia & Anglesey GB

Discover your heritage by interactive walking and cycling. Make and plan your own Free Heritage-Pathway Route and Planning Map, with automatic Height Graphs. You can make your own Pathway Route Map, self graded, anywhere there is a Google Maps Zoom-postcode Map.

UK's leading Family e-Book & Map e-Store, online e-Catalogue, CD's, DVD's for Collectors

Old & New e-Books Unique to Landscape-guides. Free sample chapters to download, or buy online. Titles from Local History, Archaeology and Autobiographies. Make your own maps, print and publish them in Landscape-guides' Forum.

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Now on YouTube: Heritage Map Routes on land, lake or open sea with Google Maps
Free Route Pre-Planning for Walking and Cycling, by using with automatic, distance & height gauge graph. Special map markers to high-light important features, including safety, weather and A4 printing options. First Edition April 2009. Teach yourself to make heritage route maps, viewed in full screen. Pass it on to your friends, find good walking and cycling routes everywhere. Including all water sports, rivers, lakes and open sea, Worldwide.

To ALL WEB MASTERS: My interactive free Map-Route pre-planner is designed for customers to make their own maps I’m looking to have some form of licence lock, free to use for up to ten times from the same computer. When it stops being free, a notice pop-up for a 12 month licence key fee of £5. If you are interested in this Map-Route Pre-Planning & Mapping Tool as a revenue earner, or just wish to have a link , please get in touch.

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