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Mountain Activities Club - Oxfordshire

Welcome to our World

The Mountain Activities Club, known to its friends as Mac, was created in late 1991 by individual climbers from the Wantage/Didcot area of South Oxfordshire who frequented the indoor climbing wall in Didcot. They felt that by forming a club it would give them and other local walkers and climbers, a way of coming together to further their activities.

Right from the beginning the club maintained an ethos that anything goes. Our expertise lies mainly in walking and climbing but if you want to do something else we will give it a try, from caving and canoeing through to mountain biking, orienteering, skiing etc. etc.

The club has a constitution and a set of basic rules which enables it to be affiliated to the British Mountaineering Council and the benefits such membership brings. We have a committee of President, Secretary and Treasurer but the members all share responsibility for organising trips.

As a club we have travelled the length and breadth of the British Isles.Individually our members have visited many different parts of the world.

Over the past 10 years we have been away, on average, at least once a month travelling to places such as Dartmoor, The Lakes, Peak District or Snowdonia. Each Spring we organise a longer trip lasting a week or more to places further afield such as the Isle of Skye, Glencoe, the Isle of Arran, Ullapool and Ireland.

Activities have, in the main, been walking, scrambling and climbing but we do not rule out anything (within reason.)

We have held a pub social evening every other Wednesday without fail since inception, apart from the odd Christmas when no-one would turn up (because they would be or should be in the mountains of course.) These evenings tend to be passed socialising, with scant evidence of any structure other than planning the basics of our week-end trips. Our only formal meeting is the AGM which is carefully timed to last as short a period of time as possible.

Now we are ten years old and are looking forward to ten more of the same. Come and join us, why don’t you?

The UnOfficial Rules

You are required to take the piss at all possible opportunities

You should be prepared to retaliate in kind when having the piss taken out of you

You will split the fuel cost for a trip in any way you think you can get away with

Any expenditure on a trip when split among Club Members will be rounded to the nearest appropriate denomination likely to be carried by Club Members

You will own up to your own farts

You will not needlessly draw attention to the foulness of the farts of others; especially not until such time as the tearful smarting has subsided

You will not let Carl use the toilet until everyone else has finished using it

On Club weekends you will not wash needlessly

If you engage in any of the following activities make sure you are never caught doing it; sniffing wetsuits, plaiting your chest hair, getting lost, listing your lists, forgetting your ice-axe, repeatedly rereading your own e-mails

Think long and hard before you turn up at a pub without your wallet; it is not possible to lose your wallet on the way to the pub, so such an excuse is simply not credible

Driving whilst under the influence of drink is not acceptable; drinking whilst under influence of certain Members’ driving is probably wise

You will mercilessly take the piss out of Stuart’s stupid hat

You must never be photographed with Tricky when he is wearing his lycra running tights

You will count failing to summit a mountain only as successfully finding a reason to return to that mountain

You will not spend the night in a bivvi bag and wake up claiming that you had a good night’s sleep

During inclement weather you will shop

Being a small child is no excuse for not attempting death defying rock climbs, caves or other extreme sports

Don’t knock it until you have tried it; once you’ve tried it you need never try it again and you can knock it with impunity (notwithstanding any of the restrictions)

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