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34 Rapid St. Suite D

Pontiac, MI


(248) 454-1720


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Detroit Rock Climbing Company

Climbing Holds

We make modular climbing holds. We strive for the highest quality in design and usability as well as strength and durability. We use non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Great Shapes

Our growing catalog represents a balanced array of the many types of climbing holds including; Giants, Jugs, Edges, Crimps, Slopers, Pockets, Pinches, Footholds, and more!

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Great Climbing

What matters most about climbing holds is simply... how you hold them... when you climb. We create shapes that are fun to move onto, hold onto, and move from.


We offer SoftBacks as an option on nearly all of our holds and recommend it for most. It is a bonded backing layer of a softer rubber-like PolyUrethane. This helps to prevent chipping on the edges, provides a gripping action on the wall to prevent holds from spinning, and on highly textured climbing walls, the Soft Back will form to the surface contours.


All of our medium sized and larger holds have been designed with a HollowBack. Reducing materials and weight while maintaining structural integrity.

Please visit our website at to find out more.

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