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Three Ball Climbing

Pure Polyurethane Climbing Holds


Climbing holds by Three Ball Climbing are made with the finest materials available. We manufacture top quality climbing holds that
will last. Since you won't be buying new holds to replace the broken ones all the time, you will "Spend Less, and Climb More".

We offer climbing hold packages including the necessary t-nuts and bolts. 4 Prong t-nuts and a wrench are included with every order. When ordering you get exactly what you need. You can specify the depth of your wall, and select steel bolts & t-nuts for indoor climbing walls or stainless steel t-nuts and bolts for
outdoor climbing walls.


Our climbing holds are made with high-quality rigid polyurethane. This makes for Virtually Unbreakable
Non-Toxic holds. These climbing holds will last longer than your climbing wall!

Whether you own a climbing gym or a have a climbing wall in your garage you can get exactly what you want.

Embedded Washers:
Every anchor point in our climbing holds has an embedded washer. This means that even our smallest screw-ons are virtually unbreakable!

Hardware Options:
For screw-on holds you may specify 'No Hardware', 'Indoor Screws', 'Outdoor Screws' or 'Masonry Screws'.

For bolt-on holds the T-nuts and bolts can be included if needed. If you already have lots of bolts and t-nuts you can purchase holds with 'No Hardware'. If you have a climbing wall with t-nuts already installed you just need the bolts; select 'with steel bolts'. If you have a new climbing wall with no t-nuts or are expanding your wall, select an option 'with bolts and t-nuts'.

Its always better to have more t-nuts installed in your wall than climbing holds. If you have extra t-nuts you can change the location of the holds in the future.

You may specify Steel t-nuts and bolts for indoor climbing walls or Stainless Steel t-nuts and bolts for outdoor climbing walls.
You can also specify the depth/thickness of your wall. If your wall is 3/4" plywood, select 'wall size 3/4"'. This way we know how far the bolts need to stick out past the back of the holds in order to reach the t-nuts. You will get EXACTLY what you< need!

Additional hardware is also available.

Choice of Colors:

You may specify your color preference for regularly stocked holds for free. Each add to cart button features a list of available colors. If you want a color you don't see on the list we can make the holds in your custom color for an extra charge, just give us a call.

Customer Service:

Our customers are our priority. Contact us with any questions you may have and you will get expert advice from a real person.
Our normal e-mail response time is within 3 hours on business days.

If you prefer to order by phone, give us a call at 480-334-4646. If you get the voice-mail leave a message. We check the messages every morning and every afternoon after lunch.

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