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Project Holds

Manufacturer and worldwide supplier of planet-friendly urethane climbing holds.

Over 300 shapes and growing.

Amazing shapes from Louie Anderson and Jim Horton! Everything from footholds to the biggest features you can get your hands on.

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Project Holds Image 2

Giant Features

We are proud to be one of few companies offering holds in 5XL, 6XL and 7XL sizes. Check out the Scarface, Olympus, Rhino, Wedge, U.F.O., Maximus, Tempest, and Trojan (all in the Live Series).

Easy Organization

Our organization of holds makes it easy to shop.
Want basic shapes? Start in the Play Series.
Want real rock shapes? Start in the Live Series.
Want abstract shapes? Start in the Dream Series.
Want to train? Start in the Work Series.

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