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1835 Walnut Street

Boulder, CO 80301
Jerad Wells, Director of Sales and Business Development

Tel: 303-447-0512


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Eldorado Wall Company

Eldorado Climbing Walls

At Eldorado Climbing Walls, we’re climbers. The passion, community and commitment to problem solving that motivates us to climb are the same qualities that inspired the launch of our company in 1994. We provide turnkey custom and modular wall systems for projects of any size.

Contact us today to discuss your project or visit our website at for more information.


As one of the oldest climbing wall companies in the country, our experience and expertise are second to none. After building a successful climbing gym business with the Boulder Rock Club in Boulder Colorado, our owners founded Eldorado Climbing Walls.

With years of experience in both construction and climbing gym operation, our designs, innovation and commitment to the climbing wall market have made Eldorado Climbing Walls a visionary and leader in the industry. We continue to work with the Boulder Rock Club as part of our unique training and consulting program, which gives future climbing wall owners like you a proven business model and an inside look at owning and operating a climbing wall.

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Blue Sky Design

Our design philosophy is “If you can dream it, we can build it.” Because we’re experienced in construction and climbing gym operation, we understand the needs of both our clients and their climbers. We work with you to create a wall that is visually stunning, offers exceptional climbing and complements the architecture and traffic flow of your facility.


Our creativity extends beyond our design and inspires our innovation. We focus on things that matter and develop new products to enhance performance, ensure safety, and offer a wide range of options in our climbing walls systems.

Our recent innovations include:

BOMBProof™ Substructure
The substructure of our climbing walls is the foundation for safety, performance and quality. Our BOMBProof substructure is stiff, strong and safe. Made entirely of three sixteenths inch steel, it is up to 50% thicker than that used by our competitors. This system provides unlimited placement of lead bolts and belay bars, giving you flexibility in route setting…which ultimately leads to happy and satisfied climbers.

T-Nut Design
Our proprietary T-nut design takes performance one step further. With our premium 3-screw design, your team will spend less time and money on maintenance and replacement than they would with other pressed-in or hammered-in T-nut designs. Plus, we have the highest T-nut density in the industry. Higher density means more options when setting routes… and that keeps your climbing program fresh and your climbers engaged.

In-house REALRock™ Production
We have also invested in bringing production of our REALRock product in house, where we own our molds and don’t rely on pre-fabricated panels from third party suppliers. You benefit from our streamlined process and our ability to add more unique, non-redundant surface area to your walls.

Turnkey Solutions

From start to finish, a climbing wall can be very complicated project. We don’t just sell you the wall…we provide turnkey solutions to help our clients through every step of the process. From consulting and design, to fabrication and installation, we use our experience and expertise to deliver the most comprehensive climbing wall systems in the industry.

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