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Two climbers, one wall, lots and lots of holds! We'll tell you what we think you should spend your hard earned cash on.



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Who Are We?

Simply put we're a few people, I have a wall in my house, therefore people come and climb. There are a few main protagonists that will give their opinion on the holds and the grades that they climb vary from 5.7 to 5.12, normally I'd not worry about having just my views up here, but as climbing is such a personal experience and everyone climbs a different way I felt it best to have more than one person contribute.

Let me introduce the gang:


I've been climbing for nearly 20 years, taught climbing for 5 and have had the opportunity of getting outside more than most, these days I'm bound to a desk so I only get to play outside at the weekends. Thus far I've been luck enough to get to Fontainebleau, the South of France, Germany, Spain and Portugal to climb... I'm currently living in Canada, but travel home (to the UK) to climb from time to time.

I buy too many climbing holds and have reached the lofty grade of 5.11 inside, hence the indoor wall at home for training. I'm currently pulling 5.10 outside :P

I am a complete hold freak, love em, can't get enough of them. I don't shape, I just climb, there's an art to climbing holds and I'm in awe of the people that make them. There are A LOT of holds on the market and people need to know what to buy, that's why I'm here and that's what I'll do!


Canadian born and bred, has been outside waaay too much this year and climbs too much generally. He'll be found at my house climbing or the gym climbing if he doesn't pick up the phone.

Currently climbing 5.11, but will probably hit 5.12 with some screaming and luck soon.


When we find a camera with a wide enough lens we'll take a picture. Image 1 Image 2

How We Rate the Holds?

It's simple, we rate the holds on the below area's, we look at every criteria. We use the hold(s) in as many different ways as we can and we then sit back have a lovely cup of tea and chat about them. We also go digging about the company's website, talk to the people that work there and see what they're all about, the areas we look at are below:


Can you climb on these holds for prolonged periods of time with out shredding your hands and making your finger tips bleed? Are they easy to clean?


This is split, if there are ten holds then its the price of the set divided by ten, you end up with how much your holds are costing you per hold. The prices will come direct from the manufacturers website, I'm not going to include shipping or tax in these prices (as it varies alot), but we will take in to consideration the size of the holds, number of holds you get within a set.


This is personal taste, but we'll look at the colors of the holds we have and whats available. No-one wants to climb on dull brown holds all the time (Do they?) We'll look at the colors we have and what the manufacturer offers in way of colors


Can the holds be used in any number of different ways? Can you put them on the roof? Are they good on just vertical or slightly overhanging walls? Can you turn them upside down and still use them?


Are the holds simply made well? Do they lay flush to the wall? Is the material that they're using of a good quality? Would you want to have this on your wall?

PRO's & CON's

At the end of every review there will be the pro's and con's of the hold, we will point out the obvious flaws and any problems we've had with the holds i.e: are there sharp edges, is the overall finishing ok etc...

What you have to remember is that myself or Chris aren't pro-route setters, we set for ourselves and our friends. Our ratings are based upon whether or not we think the holds are good and if we think they should be brought by you the end consumer. We value your feedback, so please post comments, if you disagree with what we say then say so! Image 3 Image 4

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