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Los Alamos Mountaineers

Who we are:

The Los Alamos Mountaineers are based in Los Alamos, New Mexico. We have a hearty group of weekend warriors who love to climb rock and mountains, hike canyons, backpack in wilderness areas, cave, canoe and float, mountain bike, X-Ctry ski, down hill ski, and participate in many other types of deviate outdoor behaviors.

Local Rock Climbing:

Our local White Rock climbing area is truly world class. We use it for getting in shape for other more adventuresome pursuits, but many visit the area to simply experience the pure joy of climbing near perfect 50-75 foot walls, some bolted, others not. Our website contains many route guides to area attractions.

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NACLASSICS - North American Classics Home:

We are honored to host one of the most influential climbing sites in the history of the sport: NACLASSICS. If you want to find the most classic climbs in North America, and details of those climbs, simply visit our site.

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