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Training Expertise

What we do?

Training Expertise provides integrated training programmes for people operating in outdoor or wilderness environments, including:

• First Aid training for outdoor or wilderness environments
• Incident managment training
• Crisis Team training
• Travel Safe training
• Risk assessment training
• Outdoor qualifications
• Technical support for training events

TE has built a network of elite trainers to deliver a range of tailor made programmes around the world. This includes management consultants, specialist medical trainers, media trainers and crisis management experts. We pride ourselves on the quality of our training, our ability to adapt our recommendations to diverse operating conditions and our practical solutions.

First Aid Training

We provide public (open) and private (closed) training. A diary of our public courses can be found on our website.

At Training Expertise, we believe in adapting our first aid training to meet the exact needs of each of our clients. We adapt our courses to suit our clients' work, play, environment, policies and significant risks. All our courses are delivered by subject-matter and environment experts - we match our clients' needs to our trainer.

Our courses are certified on the Remote Emergency Care scheme. For details visit Remote Emergency Care's website.

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