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The Outdoor Shop, 27-31 High Street, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes. MK11 1AA

Tel: +44 (0) 1908 568913


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The Outdoor Shop

Who we are...

Established in 1981, The Outdoor Shop is based in the historic market town of Stony Stratford on the North West tip of Milton Keynes. Retailing through our high street shop and via the Internet, we are now one of the countries leading independent retailers of technical outdoor clothing and equipment.

Who we cater for:

The Outdoor Shop supplies equipment for a wide variety of outdoor activities including mountaineering, rock climbing, hill walking, backpacking, trekking and adventure travel.

So whether you have a quest to climb the Seven Summits', spend a winter in Spitzbergen or simply enjoy fell walking in the Lake District we have the equipment and experience to put you on the right footing.

Although we have an emphasis on mountaineering and expeditions we're most often just advising everyday outdoor enthusiasts whose interests range from walking in the Yorkshire Dales, a weekends climbing in Snowdonia to local rambles. Specialist we may be, elitist we are definitely not.

Equally, there is significant cross-over between many outdoor sports, so much of the clothing and equipment we stock is equally suitable for lightweight cycle camping, ski mountaineering or orienteering / adventure racing.

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