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Exploration Logistics Group plc

Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, GL17 0DD, England

Tel: 00 44 1594 545100


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Exploration Logistics

Exploration Logistics Group plc

Exploration Logistics Group provides medical and safety solutions for those operating in remote or hazardous environments worldwide.

Operating in isolated parts of the world can be hazardous to your employees and equipment causing unnecessary downtime due to accidents, injuries and ill health.

Our specialist services minimise risks with a focus on high level customer service for our clients in the oil and gas, mining, construction, governmental and humanitarian sectors.

With 22 years' experience, a strong management team and over 1200 trained field professionals, we are uniquely positioned to succeed in a variety of challenging environments.


We provide a wide range of health and safety related services including HSE support, mountaineering support and Marine Mammal Observers. Our knowledge and expertise are invaluable to our clients from the oil and gas, mining and construction industries.

Exlogs Safety Services has over 20 years' experience of sourcing, briefing, mobilising and supporting field staff of the highest calibre. Robust 24/7 project management is provided, ensuring every aspect of the contract is covered from start to finish.

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Mountaineering support services

Seismic and survey companies working in mountainous regions and areas that are difficult to traverse are at risk of damage to equipment and injury to staff. Making detours can be costly, time consuming or even impossible, therefore the use of experienced mountaineers is essential.

Exlogs Safety Services is able to reduce your risks by providing mountaineers adept at making projects work safely and efficiently in steep terrain environments.

The types of jobs executed by the Mountaineers can vary greatly. Examples of the range of duties undertaken include:

- Training and briefing of personnel
- Start up planning and review
- Safety supervision of personnel in mountainous terrain
- Management of local labour
- Assistance in route finding and hazard evaluation
- Cliff operations including laying geophone lines, etc
- Cable troubleshooting and organising staging for drilling
- Load carrying of cables, geophones, drilling equipment, etc
- Designation and coordination of zones/terrain assessment
- Enforcement of crew safe working practices and provision of immediate first aid in the event of an accident
- Organisation and execution of searches and rescue from mountain terrain
- Provision of recommended kit lists
- Maintenance and store-keeping of climbing equipment
- Writing safety procedures

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