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This site has detailed and comprehensive topo’s for Clodgy and Gywnver. Topo’s for Godrevy, Helman Tor and Bosworlas that were essentially drafts for an intended printed guide which didn’t happen. Zennor probably warrants a topo as does Carn Brea.

West Cornwall has breadth of bouldering in terms of rock variety and quality that makes it quite unique. There are gems. classics and projects scattered around the granite tors and on the coastal areas. There are also gems,classics and projects still waiting to be discovered.

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The development of bouldering in this area pretty much follows that of the rest of the UK, just in a slightly idiosyncratic way. There isn’t much in the way of documentation. However, Bob Lambourne has written documentation of most of the happenings on Carn Brea. As does Barney Carver for Clodgy. Between John Hooper and Andy Whall Godrevy is covered. Other histories would include contributions by Mark Edwards (we know about White Wedding at Sennen, but not much else) and John Burgess which we do know about even if some of the memories are getting distant.

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Helman Tor

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