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Catherine Destivelle

About Catherine

Catherine Destivelle is recognised and admired as the most adventurous and exciting female climber in the world today. Her daring accomplishments as a solo climber in scaling the most difficult and dangerous peaks without the use of safety ropes, support or back-up is legendary. Her passion and desire to conquer the most challenging mountain faces in the world satisfies her emotions and her thirst for adrenaline, keeping her at the forefront of climbing and ahead of her time.

This extraordinarily brave woman is an accomplished speaker in both English and French. She gives inspirational presentations where she challenges and inspires her audience to re-focus their goals to achieve success by sharing her visions and startling achievements. Catherine powerfully illustrates with slides , video footage and films the necessary vision, belief and self-determination needed to stretch herself to her full potential.

Reaching the top, "Following One's Instinct", "Catching The Opportunity", " Rising to the challenge" , "taking calculated risks", "Adding Value" are some of the themes she already developed for companies.

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