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Alpine Exposures - Photography

Stunning limited edition prints by a collective of passionate photographers...

We are 2 climbers who have spent too much time out in the Alps and decided to make a home out of it. About a year ago we starting doing a lot of high quality printing work and realised that whilst there was a lot of demand there was not a lot of people supplying fine art prints of their work. Having contacted a few photographers we decided to invest in Alpine Exposures and the result is what you see now.

Who are the photographers?

Each photographer has their own about me page so you can learn more about them. Some you will undoubtedly have heard of, others not. But what they all have in common is a devotion to their work that can really be seen in their photographs. Images are pin-sharp and taken with great thought in mind. Some are the result of months of planning for a particular spot at a particular time of day that may only catch the light for a few days in the year. Whatever the case we are confident that you will be very impressed with their work and efforts.

Alpine Exposures - Photography Image 1
Alpine Exposures - Photography Image 2

How many photographers are there?

We are trying to keep the numbers to a very small amount. This means that we can try and uphold a kind of community spirit within the company whereby every photographer has his say on how the site is running. There are no contracts involved; they are all here from their own free will.

A hard question to answer as everyone has a different view on that. For us, a fine art print is something that can only be achieved by combining state of the art printing with some of the best photographers and photography materials available. We only use the sharpest and most spectacular images from photographers so as to ensure that every print delivered will make you think ‘wow’. The detail and colour representation afforded in these images is truly incredible.

What is the printing process?

All prints are printed on a state of the art Epson 3800 Pro printer. This printer uses the most recent Ultrachrome K3 inks which coupled with the top of the line papers guarantees print longevity of over 100 years.

We use the highest quality Hahnemuhle fine art pearl paper. Hahnemuhle’s fine art pearl paper is widely regarded as the best in its field and was winner of the TIPA 2005 European Photo and Imaging Awards for inkjet papers.

For our Panoramic Print outs we use a very heavy weight matte paper produced by the leading U.S photographic paper producers, Crane Museo.

How much are the prints?

Every photographer on the site is in charge of his images so that he/she dictates how much the images are sold for as well as the number in his/her limited edition. Although the prices may vary please take into account some of the extra effort some prints may have taken as well as the reputation that the photographer has earned over the years.

Alpine Exposures - Photography Image 3
Alpine Exposures - Photography Image 4

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