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Fuchs Foundation

Educational Charity - Inspiring Teachers Changing Lives

The Foundation sends science and geography teachers to the Polar regions to undertake science projects in the harshest of conditions.

The programme selects good teachers and hopes that they will become leaders in their profession through the process which allows them to develope themselves with the help of the Foundation.


Sir Vivian Fuchs, who lead the first expedition to cross Antarctica whilst undertaking a full science programme, showed a generation of school children a sense of curiosity, self reliance, self determination and challenge.

In his memory, the Fuchs Foundation aims to inspire future generations by sending young teachers to the Polar Regions to do scientific projects in hostile environments.

Science and Geography are perceived as dull subjects and hard work. The Fuchs Foundation challenges this perception and aims to recreate in young people the sense of excitement, adventure and thirst for knowledge.

No one forgets an inspirational teacher and the Fuchs Foundation believes the key is challenge and experience. Give young teachers the opportunity to break free from the constraints of their normal safe existence and inspire them through expedition work that tests both their mental, physical and emotional resources which will in turn give them a life changing experience and will inspire their teaching for the rest of their career.


Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition (FFAE2007) spent five weeks in the field in the Ellsworth Mountains during November and December 2007. The Expedition log with images can be view on

The Foundation's second expedition will cross the Greenland Ice Cap in May 2009 by dog sledge, undertaking a full programme of science projects.

The second Antarctic expedition is planned for November - December 2010. The expedition log can be viewed on the web site.

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