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Manchester Climbing Centre

Bennett Street
West Gorton
M12 5ND

Tel: 0161 230 7006


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Manchester Climbing Centre

The North West's Premier Climbing Centre

Manchester Climbing Centre was opened by John Dunne in February 2005 - in the magnificent surroundings of St. Benedicts Church. MCC has over 70 lines of lead and top roped climbing, providing more than 200 routes to climb

Make Use of Our Extensive Range of Facilities

In addition to the roped climbing, MCC has two large bouldering areas, a traversing room, woody room, large and well equipped campus and finger board area, fitness room with cardiovascular equipment and an abseil tower leading down the church tower.

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Sit Back and Relax on the Mezzanine

Take some time out from the hard work and enjoy some fine food and drink from the Rocks Cafe while flicking thorugh the latest climbing mags, checking out lots of shiny new stuff in the Outside store or just watching climbers in the main hall.


If you are new to climbing, or if you are looking to take it a step further then we have the course for you. Ranging from indoor taster courses through to learning to lead trad leading, MCC can cater for every need.

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