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Revolution Climbing Centre

Oakwood Industrial Est
Dane Valley Road
St Peters
Ct10 3JJ

Tel: 01843 866706


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Revolution Climbing Centre - Broadstairs, Kent

Revolution Climbing Centre

Revolution Climbing Centre is one of Kent's premiere climbing venues catering for climbers of all levels from beginners to experts.
The walls are extremely diverse with many different climbing surfaces and textures which have recently been revamped. All routes are changed regularly by some of the UK’s top junior climbers and Revolution’s own route setters creating different climbs every visit and graded to a national standard from 2a to 8a. Our trained friendly instructors are on hand to show the climber a good time or to teach to the level of “competent climber”.

Parties And Groups

The centre is ideal for individuals, groups, parties and team building exercises. Climbing is a great sport for everyone and is a fun and thorough work out for all! Lessons can be arranged with our instructors as well as quick tasters if you just fancy having a go. (Parental Consent forms for under 16’s must be filled out before admission). All equipment is available for hire from our climbing shop which also stocks a wide range of climbing equipment for both indoors and out. Check out the online shop for an idea of what we stock.

About our Staff

At the start of 2005 it was decided that a new instructor/manager was needed for the centre. Previously it had been staffed by the original Skatepark staff but was deemed in need of someone that could devote their time solely to the climbing centre. So, in April 2005 Sam Johnson joined the team. Sam has been climbing on and off for almost a decade and taking it up seriously in the last four years. Having experience with taking groups both indoors and outdoors and a 'inside knowledge' to what climbers at Revolution want, Sam soon set about route setting and putting together a climbing club. Having gone through a full days in house training with a qualified MIC (Mountain Instructor Certificate) instructor, Sam got the go-ahead to be able to teach everything within the centre and has been able to open the abseiling tower to groups. As well as completing the in house training, Sam is undergoing his S.P.A award (Single Pitch Award) and has found his training to be of use when both teaching (in and out of the Climbing Club) and route setting. To contact Sam for booking within the centre email him at


Routes are changed on the first weekend of every month..
Grades start from V0- to V11. Lead grades from 3A to 7B
Routes are graded by regular Revolution Climbers as well as staff. All routes are easily identifyable by tags or tape on each of the walls.
New routes are added every month.
You don't have to be the worlds best crimper or be able to heel hook like a professional to enjoy the walls at Revolution. We offer a range of packages to help you get started whether it be on your own or with a little help from one of our trained instructors.

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