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Graz, Austria Berg and Abenteuer Film Festival

International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival Graz

The Festival was founded in 1986 by the mountaineer and filmmaker Robert Schauer. Starting
out as a gathering of professional producers and alpinists it grew larger and expanded to an
annual happening that attracts a multitude of people. The variety of films developed equally.
Every year a varied program is composed from the vast number of submissions represented in
the categories: alpine documentation, climbing on rock & ice, adventure, nature and
environment, alpine & foreign cultures.
The event never lost its character of an international competition and nominates several prizes
every year. In each category the winner is awarded with the "Alpine Camera in Gold". The
main prize for the best film obtains the "Grand Prix Graz". Additionally the jury gives out the
“Prize of the Jury” and honorable mentions to encourage good work and discuss different

The goal of the festival is to bring together filmmakers, mountaineers, explorers, sportsmen
and “ordinary people” to pass on the spirit of an adventurous life and nature film.

It takes place the second weekend of November each year.

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