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Wildways Adventures


Wildways has a large range of courses & qualifications on offer. From basic recreational to advanced guiding and national qualifications.


Wildways offers a full range of guided trips in South Africa. We also provide an "In Country" agency service for other tour operators.

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Wildways provides a consulting service to organisations wishing to be involved in the industry. Safety audits, construction of activities, and staff tarining are all well well within our scope of provision.

Rock Climbing Supervisors Skills DVD

Rock Climbing skills can be regarded as a set of tools which climbers and guides use to achieve their objectives. Using each tool either on its own or in combination with other tools allows us to climb at our best and to resolve problems that may occur.

Designed with guides and leaders of rock climbing activities in mind, this DVD is a collection of some of the skills which could prove necessary in dealing with day to day climbing activities and problems.

To see a couple of clips from the DVD visit You Tube at:




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