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The Clinic

919 Abbeydale Rd

South Yorkshire
S7 2BJ

Tel: 0114 2501162


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The Clinic - Sheffield

Climbing Injury Experts

As one of South Yorkshire's leading complementary therapy clinics, our primary focus is to restore your function through the skilful, personalised approach of our specialist practitioners.
Our clientele include many of the country's top climbers.
Our practitioners are not only interested in the academic aspect of treating climbing injuries, we are climbers ourselves

Climbing Business Links

We sponsor the bouldering league at 'The Foundry'
We sponsor the 'Sheffield Walls Bouldering League'
We run regular Climber's Injury Clinics, giving free advice at both The Climbing Works and The Foundry in Sheffield. Please visit their websites for deatails on times. These are also listed on our website under 'EVENTS'

We were published twice last year (2008) in Climber, on the topics of dealing with Shoulder and Finger injuries

Therapies offered

Therapies we offer include:
Herbal Medicine

For further details, please go to our website

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