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Highline Climbing Walls

Highline Extreme

Our top quality mobile climbing walls are the tallest on the UK market, at 9m high. But thanks to hydraulic power and their unique telescopic action, they can be put up in just 15 minutes – by just one person.

Our fixed climbing walls are custom-built and designed for an exciting climbing experience, with innovative shapes and features.

From individual 8ft x 4ft panels to a complete permanent installation, including ground works, talk to Highline Extreme.

Climbing walls suitable for all ages, from children's traversing walls to more challenging climbing walls. Helping to keep young minds and bodies active.

Mobile Climbig Walls

Mobile Climbing Walls

A mobile climbing wall from Highline Extreme offers true flexibility, offering fun and excitement for climbers of all ages – any time, anyplace.

Highline Extreme mobile climbing walls are hugely versatile, allowing the climbing area and the level of climb to be adjusted depending on users' abilities.

Our mobile climbing walls

• Are only 5 metres long, therefore are easy to tow and park
• Weigh less than 2,000 Kg, so can be towed by a Transit type van
• Can be set up on grass or hard surfaces
• Are ready for bouldering action 2 minutes after arriving!
• Are fully hydraulic, their unique telescopic design allows assembly by one person in just 15 minutes.
• Have climbing faces on all sides, our walls can be used by 6 climbers at one time.
• Let you top rope, lead climb, abseil and boulder.
• Can be set for all abilities from beginner to expert.
• Have infinite route combinations
• Allow a choice of holds and climbing grades
• Offer retractable overhangs
• Have a variety of climbing surfaces
• Allow logo/advertising options

Fixed Climbing Walls

Highline Extreme specialises in climbing walls that are fun to climb, innovative in design, and cost-effective to buy.

From individual 8ft x 4ft panels up to complete turn key installations, our 3-D climbing walls offers infinite variety.

By using hard-wearing birch plywood and one of a choice of surface treatments, we produce climbing walls that are both technically challenging at a variety of levels, and visually striking.

Contact us now for friendly, expert advice. No project too small.

We can also manufacture using 3D fibreglass for small, high profile areas and can design to fit around existing features such as columns or fire escapes.

Fixed and Mobile Bouldering Walls

Bouldering walls are mini-climbing walls. At just a few feet off the ground, foam crash-mats, instead of ropes and harnesses, are used to protect clients in the case of a fall.

With no need to 'kit-up' in excessive safety gear, users can get climbing straight away, allowing a higher throughput of participants.

A fixed bouldering wall is ideal if space is limited, such as at schools or in the corner of a sports hall.

A Highline Extreme fixed bouldering wall can be made to any size and to fit any space, up to a maximum height of 4.5m.

Constructed from hard-wearing birch plywood and with one of a choice of surface treatments, our fixed bouldering walls have a grid of holes and fixings allowing climbing holds to be fixed in place while people climb. Plus, these can be moved using a key, providing infinite routes and challenges.

Panels can be set up a various angles to provide a 3D route with overhanging sections.

We can also provide climbing shoes and bouldering mats.

Highline Extreme's mobile bouldering walls offer fantastic fun for all ages – at any event.

With no harnesses, helmets or ropes required, everyone can get climbing instantly – anywhere!

Our mobile bouldering walls are 3m high and start at 50m² of bouldering area, offering a variety of climbing angles including overhangs.
Fixing grids in each panel allow routes and holds to be changed to suit different abilities. For users' safety, a full skirt of bouldering safety mats is provided.

Wall size can be scaled up to include a bigger climbing area, a roof and a link to a 9m mobile climbing tower, giving 75m² of bouldering area.

Childrens Traversing Walls/ Ice Climbing and Autobelay Service

Children's Traversing Walls

Our children's traversing walls are a brilliant way to develop balance, motor skills and confidence.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor venues, our traversing walls are ideal for children's play areas or gyms. They are low-maintenance, with no significant ongoing costs, and can be custom built to meet your needs.

Available in scuff-proof materials, our traversing walls can also be themed with numbers, letters or your own logos.

Hand and foot holds can be moved to create new challenges.

Ice Wall Climbing

Master the new, exciting challenge of ice wall climbing – no boots or crampons required!

These ice wall climbing panels – designed and produced exclusively by Highline Extreme – come complete with ice axes and helmets. And make the wall even more versatile.

You can add two or more ice panels or more to a regular climbing wall, leaving four other sides for traditional climbing, so there’s no compromise on usage.

Whether you have a busy commercial climbing centre, a mobile wall or a home wall, auto-belays greatly enhance the climbing experience.

Auto-Belay Devices (ABDs) enable single users to climb at their limit knowing that they will be safely lowered should they fall or when they reach the top of a climb. ABDs enable one person to supervise more climbers, a ratio of 1:3 is usual, this enables instructors to concentrate on coaching. They are ideal for providing a belay during repetitive ‘stamina training’ cycles.
ABDs can be hung from a normal climbing anchor point but should ideally be free hanging.
ABDs are suitable for single home users or the largest climbing wall. On our mobile climbing wall up to six can be used at once.
As with other makes of ABD they should not be left outside unprotected for long periods and should be dried before storage.
We offer competitive prices and generous discounts for multiple units. We aim to carry sufficient stock to despatch most orders next day.

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